Updating how your lead price is calculated – now considering regions

We are constantly reviewing the pricing structure of our leads to make sure that they fairly reflect the cost of generating the lead and the value of the job. As part of this process we’ve recognised that the region should form a part of the equation to fairly price a lead.

What is region based pricing

Not all leads cost the same for us to generate and therefore shouldn’t cost you the same. One of the big factors affecting the cost to generate a lead is the competitiveness of the region. When there are lots of tradespeople the price of Google and other advertising channels is much higher than areas where there is less competition.

We will therefore start using the competitiveness of a category and region to adjust the price of leads up and down. This will allow us to pass on savings in less competitive areas and allow us to spend more money in competitive areas to ensure you all have a constant supply of leads for your business.

Who will this affect

This change will only take effect for clients on  Variable Lead Pricing. Basically if your leads say “PPL” instead of a specific price, this change will not affect you.

When will this take effect

You will see this taking effect across all our categories progressively in the next few weeks.

Lead prices will continue to be shown on every invitation, so please remember to check the price before claiming.

Where can I see the lead price on my invitations

In the app, it is under the lead details.


It will be in the top right of any email invitations we send you.


If you claim leads from your login area, it will be on the bottom left of every job.


It will be within the SMS details.


What’s next

We’ll continue to review regional prices to make sure the price is right.

Getting our lead prices right for your business is incredibly important to us, so we will be working on introducing more factors to better price your leads.

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