Upgrading directory-only clients to get 1st round lead invitations

We have started upgrading our tradespeople who have a directory listing but no PPL campaign to be able to see lead invitations from get quote requests a lot earlier in line with our PPL Service. Instead of only seeing leftover lead invitations for jobs that were not claimed by PPL clients, you will now be invited in the first round of invitations.

There is no cost to see these lead invitations in the first round, and if you want to claim the leads you will be charged the lead price that is stated on the job invitation. If the leads are not claimed in the first round then we will do a second round of invitations and you will still be able to claim these leads at $0 if they are still unclaimed by other trades people.

Why are we doing this upgrade?

We still have a number of tradespeople that joined us before we had PPL campaigns and we know that they get a skewed view of the jobs that come through Get Quotes. The popular jobs usually get claimed first by PPL clients so you don’t see the majority of the best jobs. We also know that getting the jobs at a later point in time can make it harder to convert the lead into a job. We therefore want to give everyone the ability to see the leads early for the 30KM radius around their directory listing/s. This should result in you seeing a lot more of the jobs that we are getting in your service areas

Is there a cost for this upgrade?

There is no cost to see all the lead invitations. The lead invitations have a price on them and if you choose to claim a lead in the first round invite you will be charged that amount at the end of the month.

If the leads aren’t claimed in the first round you may still get invited for $0 at a later point in time like you always had.

Can you change the areas & categories you get invites for?

Yes. By default the campaign is set up to cover a 30KM radius around the postcode your directory is listed in. If you want to increase or decrease this radius or exclude certain suburbs or categories you can contact your campaign manager at support@hipages.com.au or 1300 762 994. There is no cost to see the job invitations so you can make the radius you cover as large as you like.

Will all directory clients get this upgrade?

Eventually. We are starting the rollout with a select group of customers and will look to give all our clients access to lead invitations from our PPL campaigns soon.