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Getting Set Up

How do I get started?

We’re all about connecting homeowners with trusted, local tradesmen, so once your membership is off and running there are some key features available to help you win work and provide amazing service to your customers.

Step 1: Download the App

The hipages for Business App is the quickest and easiest way to receive and manage leads on-the-go, and comes packed with features that allow you to communicate with your customers, request payments for your work, and chat directly with us, which can all be done right from the palm of your hand. Tradies using the App enjoy a greater win rate and it can be downloaded for free from both iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Here’s a tip: When the app finishes downloading, set your push notification settings so that you get alerts of nearby leads and start using hipages right on your phone or tablet.

Step 2: Update your profile and directory listing

We’re here to help you create a personalised profile page within our online directory to wow your potential customers. Your hipages profile is where customers go to learn more about your business, experience, and the quality of your work. A great profile can really make a difference when customers go to hire. Over 110,000 customers view tradie’s profiles every week!

Directory listings rich in content with a great write-up and fantastic photos will help you secure work, and our Graphic and Support teams are on hand to help. You can access your account online by jumping into your Tradie Portal and add these details yourself, or feel free to send us your photos and text right from your phone, sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. We can even add a link to your personal website which makes it even easier for customers to hire you.

Step 3: Control your leads

Manage your leads by accessing the Lead Settings in your Tradie Portal. You can control your leads by tailoring categories and areas you’d like to receive work from in just a few clicks. You can also adjust the radius of your servicing area at anytime to control in what suburbs you would prefer your job leads to come from.

How do I update the business information on my profile?

We’re here to help you create a personalised profile page within our online directory to wow your potential customers. Your hipages profile is where customers go to learn more about your business, experience, and the quality of your work. A great profile can really make a difference when customers go to hire. Over 110,000 customers view tradie’s profiles every week!

Directory listings rich in content with a great write-up and fantastic photos will help you secure work, and our Graphic and Support teams are on hand to help. You can access your account online by jumping into your Tradie Portal and add these details yourself, or feel free to send us your photos and text right from your phone, sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you. We can even add a link to your personal website which makes it even easier for customers to hire you.

Why do I need the hipages for Business App?

Need a fast and easy way of managing all leads on-the-go? Then our hipages for Business App is what you need.

We know that you are out on the road most of the day building and fixing homes. To ensure that you do not miss any opportunity for work, the super streamlined and simple hipages for Business App for your phone or tablet is just what you need.

We understand that your time is important so we’ve developed an App exclusively for our tradies to ensure managing your leads and membership is as effortless as possible.

The App allows you to message your customers anywhere, anytime, which we’ve found both our tradies and customers are loving. It’s quick, convenient, and keeps a record of your conversation for easy reference. As a lot of people these days are busy or can’t get to your call right away, this is a great follow-up tool if you’re not able to reach a customer by phone.

How do I manage my leads?

Job invites received can be easily managed on the hipages for Business App with the click of a button. Simply Accept or Decline the lead invitation and your lead will instantly move to the relevant tab in your App. You can also Archive a lead to remove it from your other job lists, or Star it for follow up.


Accepting Leads

What happens if I accept a lead but can’t contact the customer?

We’d never like you to pay for a lead wherein you don’t hear back from your customer. After trying to call them, shoot them a quick message in the Message Centre (this can be done directly from the App to make it quick and easy) and if you don’t receive a response in 5 days, let us know and we’ll review your particular lead through our Lead Preview Process. Once the team has reviewed and approved your lead; they will happily credit the amount of the lead into your account.

Why am I getting leads from far away/outside my radius?

Although your App is the best tool for managing your leads on the go, you will need to access your Tradie Portal online to turn off this option. Click on Areas I Cover under Lead Settings. Here you can also check out your service radius and postcodes to make sure they’re what you’re after, and make any changes that you like.

If you’re receiving lead invitations that aren’t in your preferred service area, you may have the Smart Area Match option enabled in your lead settings. By having this activated, you will receive leads that are relevant to you, from areas that you don’t cover but are close to you based on an intelligent matching process.

Can I get a refund on leads?

We understand that occasionally a customer might not be able to respond to you or may have unintentionally entered some incorrect information in their job description. So we have a lead review process designed to help out with these kinds of leads. Simply flag any leads you’d like reviewed within 7 days, our friendly support team will check them out and provide you with lead credits where applicable. Credit can be used immediately to claim future leads. The fastest way to do this is via our App, but you’re also welcome to give us a call or reach us by email, whichever suits you best.

What does it mean to be waitlisted?

To help provide a fair marketplace for all our tradies, only 3 tradies can claim each lead. If additional tradies try to claim the lead they will be placed on the waitlist. Our research has shown that our customers prefer to have quote options so if one of the initial tradies pulls out or the quotes aren’t suitable, the customer has a pool of tradies on hand just in case. This ensures they can get 3 complete quotes, and gives the tradies on the waitlist additional chances to win more work. Tradies on the waitlist aren’t charged the lead price unless connected at the customer’s request.

Why are my leads priced differently each time?

Lead prices vary and are currently based on location and trade category. This means that tradies in different professions and areas will see leads with different prices, but all tradies will be invited to the same lead at the same price. Our research shows that customers like to receive three quotes to be able to compare and choose the best tradie for the job so if the lead isn’t initially claimed by 3 tradies, we may send the lead again to encourage more tradies to claim it, ensuring customers get the 3 quotes they’re after.

What happens if I didn’t get an opportunity to quote for a job?

We want to ensure you’re getting the best opportunity to grow your business but understand that not every lead will result in a job opportunity. In these infrequent instances you can submit your lead to our Lead Review Process which was created to help you get the most out of your membership with hipages. We’re always happy to review leads on an individual basis and can provide lead credits in some instances, simply let us know the Job ID of the lead in question within 7 days of the job post date and we’ll check it out for you.

It’s important to keep in mind that we provide the contact details of the customer but cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to provide a quote.

  • We encourage customers to get all three quotes before selecting a tradie so they can find the best fit for their project
  • We understand that customers may be busy and can choose to hire the first tradie they hear from.
  • In few cases customers may also cancel their job, in which we advise tradies to submit these types of leads to our Lead Review Process.

How many tradies can claim a lead?

To help make the selection process for the customer as simple as possible and to provide a fair marketplace for our tradies, we only allow 3 tradies to claim a lead.

If a fourth business tries to claim the lead they will be placed on the waitlist and the customer will be notified that another business is interested in their job should they need an additional quote; however, that tradie will not be charged or receive the customer’s details unless connected at the customer’s request.

Can I get a refund if the customer chooses someone else to hire after I give them a quote?

Generally no. If a quote has been provided to a customer and accepted or not, this is not something that is within our control, so it’s important to create the best first impression with your customers:

  • offer fantastic customer service
  • provide competitive quotes to maximise your chances of securing the job.


Contacting the Customer

How soon should I contact the customer after claiming the lead?

We recommend calling the customer as soon as you claim to increase your chances of winning the work because there are 2 other tradies who may have claimed the lead as well. This maximises your chance of winning the job, and shows that you’re professional and keen to help. If you accept a lead a little later at night, we’ve found it’s great to send the customer a message right away via the App to let them know you’ll give them a call in the morning. This demonstrates professionalism and helps build that all important rapport.

What’s the best way to contact a customer?

Customers appreciate you taking a moment to reach out, and it shows you’re enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile. It’s little touches like this that can really add to your win rate:

  • Call: Calling the customer first up is definitely the way to go.
  • Use the Message Centre: If you’re not able to chat to them by phone, follow up with a quick message via the App.

Why is it important to use the Message Centre to communicate to consumers?

The Message Centre keeps an easily accessible and concise log of your conversations with customers. You can access them anytime, anywhere which is great when you need to check back for a customer address or job specifications. You and the tradie will receive a notification whenever you receive a message so you can instantly stay up to date, and all communication you send will also be sent as an email automatically so it covers all bases in one easy step.


hipages Payment Platform

How do I request a payment through hipages?

It couldn’t be simpler! Simply open the Job you’ve completed in either your App or Tradie Portal, click Request Payment, follow the prompts and you’re done. We’ll get in touch with the customer and even follow up for you. It’s all part of the service.

How long do payments take?

In most cases once the customer has made the payment we’ll have it in your nominated bank account within 3 business days.


Tips for Success

Tips for Success

1. Download the App

As well as being the fastest and most efficient way of receiving lead invitations, the App is like your own personal lead manager on- the- go. It’s free to download and lets you receive and manage your leads, communicate with your customers, and collect payments all from the palm of your hand.

2. Claim Quickly

Speed is the name of the game! The faster you respond to lead invites, the better your chance of winning the job

3. A stellar profile page

Our research shows that an eye-catching profile with photos, business highlights and recommendations is a winner with your potential customers. Keep the information fresh and up to date and don’t be shy when it comes to adding project images that represent your fantastic work and brand. These can be updated easily in the Tradie Portal, or send us an App message with your new details and pics and we’ll make the changes for you.

4. Be a pro at customer service

Back to basics! Be polite, punctual and courteous whenever communicating with your customers, and keep all your messages and emails professional. Of course customers want great value and workmanship, but our extensive market research shows that these small but important factors are are just as important as price and quality.


How to use hipages Support

How can I contact Support?

Getting in touch couldn’t be easier. You can reach our friendly Support Team directly from the Message Centre in your App, by phone on 1300 762 994, and via email at

When can I contact Support?

You can send us a message from the Message Centre in your hipages for Business App or email us at any time. If you’d prefer to have a chat you can call us here at hipages HQ Monday to Friday between 8am – 7pm on 1300 762 994.

What can I contact Support about?

The short answer… anything!

We’ve found that a lot of tradies like to be in the driver’s seat so our App and Tradie Portal have been developed to be really self- sufficient. However if you have any queries about your account, your profile, leads, tech issues, or or just want to know how to we can help to further grow your business, just drop us a line, we’re here to help.



What are the Value Cap plans?

Value Caps provide you with a set amount of lead credit for a reduced monthly price; offering greater value for money and making it simple to manage your hipages spend and accounts.

Value Cap Benefits:

  • No one likes bill shock so our Value Caps are designed to eliminate unwanted surprises. You’ll know exactly when your bill is due, and exactly how much you’ll be charged each and every month. Perfect to easily manage your advertising budget and accounts.
  • We’re all about helping you enjoy the best return on investment possible, that’s why Value Caps provide you with up to 50% bonus lead credit. This means for every $1 you spend you could receive $1.50 to use on leads. As long as you stay on the Value Cap, the annual membership will be included so you will save an additional $298 each year.
  • We understand that you may be busy with another project or taking a well-earned break, so any unused monthly credit will rollover to the following months until the end of your Value Cap contract. You can even manage your credit spend directly on the App or Tradie Portal with a real-time “fuel gauge.”
  • Every tradie on a $199 Value Cap or higher will automatically qualify for our premium Value Cap+ product, entitling them to enhanced listing visibility, bonus listing content, and access to our exclusive member benefits rewards program.

We have a range of Value Caps to suit all business needs so feel free to give us a call on 1300 762 994 and chat to one of our Customer Solutions Specialists for more details.

Find out more

How do I turn off my SMS lead notifications?

To turn on/off your SMS notifications, or adjust any of your lead invitation settings, simply click on Invitation Settings in your Tradie Portal. Alternatively you can contact Support and we can update these for you.

Where can I view my invoice?

We’ll email a copy of your invoice on billing day, but you can also access these whenever you like by visiting the View/Pay Invoices section in the Tradie Portal.

Can I put my account on hold?

We understand if you need to put your membership on hold for a short period of time. You can give our friendly Support Team a call and we’ll be able to help with your request whether if it’s for a well-earned holiday or if you simply need some time off to work on another project.

How can I check how much credit I have left in my account?

You can check your remaining lead credit by clicking on Campaign Stats in your Tradie Portal, and if you’re on a Value Cap you can also track your credit spend by visiting Account > My Usage section of your App


Getting Recommendations

How do I get recommendations?

Once you’ve completed a job for your hipages customer, simply jump into your App or Tradie Portal and click Request Recommendation from the job. We’ll do the rest. Our Feedback team is dedicated to getting in touch with your customers to grab genuine, positive feedback to display on your profile.

Our external recommendations feature allows you to receive feedback for any job completed outside of hipages. All recommendations are reviewed by our Trust & Quality team before being published on your profile. These recommendations will not affect your Star Rating.

To request an external recommendation

  1. Make sure you’re on the most recent version of the hipages for business app.
    Download for Android
    Download for iOS
  2. Once updated, simply go to Account > My Profile and hit “SHARE” in the top right corner
  3. Select how you want to contact your customer (sms, email etc). Personalise your message before the link, encouraging feedback.
  4. Hit send and they’ll be invited to your profile page where they can leave feedback

How do I get recommendations if I am new to hipages?

We want to ensure you have a fair opportunity to winning more work when you first start off with hipages. That’s why we allow new tradies who have recently joined hipages to gives us any recommendations they may have had prior to joining our team. You can also provide us with contact details of previous customers, and our Support Team will follow up get recommendations on your page.

Did you know? Customers often decide which tradie to hire based off their recommendations. That’s why receiving recommendations on your profile is key to winning more work.


Contact Support

Have a question or need assistance with your account? We’re here to help!

Contact Support




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