SMS charging

SMS lead invitation charge

As of 1 February 2017,  if you want to receive leads via SMS, you’ll be charged $30 per month.

How will I be charged?

The charging depends on the plan you are currently on.

Pay Per lead plan:

On a Pay Per lead plan, you will be charged for the previous month for the days you’ve chosen to receive leads via SMS. So if you turn SMS off or on at any point, you’ll only be charged the proportional cost for the previous period at the end of the month.

Value Cap plan:

On a Value Cap, you will be charged for the invoice period ahead. If you turn SMS off before the end of your invoice period, you will not be charged the following period. For your first invoice (or if you decide to receive leads via SMS again after you’ve turned them off) you’ll be charged for the month ahead, plus a proportional cost for the previous period on your next invoice.

How can I turn SMS leads on/off?

Simply login to your Tradie portal and click on Lead Settings on the left hand side, then Invitation Settings. Select “Off” or “On” and hit “Save”.

We recommend using the hipages Job Board for Tradies app on your iPhone or Android as an alternative to SMS. If you need help downloading our app check out this blog entry.