Recommendations FAQ

Our customers often tell us how important it is to establish trust before they make their decision on which tradie they choose.

Your hipages profile page helps establish trust and strengthen your reputation by showcasing your customer recommendations and your overall star rating.

We have taken a number of steps to ensure our tradies have everything possible to succeed and create lasting relationships with their customers. This includes:

  1. Collecting Recommendations
  2. Building 5 Star Ratings
  3. Providing Support and Feedback

1. Collecting Recommendations

When a job is posted, customers can leave a recommendation on a business with which they have been connected. We also have a team dedicated to following up with customers to collect recommendations for your page.

They call customers on your behalf and ask them about their experience and whether they would recommend you to other hipages customers.

You can find all your recommendations on the My Reviews Page within the Tradie Portal.

We collect hundreds of recommendations daily from these customers who are very happy with the businesses we have connected them with and who want to share their experiences.

By verifying that what is written was what happened in real life, we ensure a level playing field for businesses where everybody is being compared based on genuine information.

How do recommendations help me win more jobs?

Your past recommendations are examples of the work that you have done well.

These speak for the quality of your business and your work. When comparing different businesses, we have found that consumers tend to go with the business who has positive recommendations about their work.

The recommendation also add fresh and relevant content to your profile page.

2. Building 5 Star Ratings

Your 5 Star Rating appears on your profile and provides more authenticity that will ultimately help strengthen your reputation.

Star Ratings have a maximum score of 5 and are based off your recommendations. Customers are able to read up on your previous jobs to understand why you have been recommended for the work you do.

A percentage is calculated based on the number of people that responded Yes to recommend your business compared to all the people that answered the question. For example, if 8 out of 10 people said they’d recommend you, this equals 80% and you will receive 4 stars.

How do you get your Star Rating to display? 

  • Either yourself or the customer needs to mark a job as hired.
  • For these hired jobs, you will need to have at least 3 responses to the the question, “Would you recommend this business?”
  • You need to have at least 3 responses from hired jobs for your star rating to display

Here’s how your Star Rating will display on your page

You can find links to help improve your Star Rating next to your score in the My Reviews section section of the tradie portal.

Here’s a couple of tips:

Receiving negative feedback isn’t fun but it is a great opportunity to deal with the customers’ issue and turn them into an advocate. If you receive negative feedback we encourage you to reach out to the customer to resolve the situation, but if you are having trouble let us know – we’re here to help!

On the flip side it’s always great to receive positive feedback – return the favour by thanking the customer through the My Reviews section.

3. Support & Feedback

Our support team are here to assist your business in making sure the recommendation process goes smoothly. Here are some questions we frequently get asked.

How can I get more recommendations?

For all the jobs that you claim through the site, we already follow up with these people to gather a recommendation on your business. If there is someone specific you want us to follow up on, you can login into your account, and “request a recommendation” for the specific jobs you would like us to follow up on.

For any jobs not obtained through hipages, if you  give us their name and number we can call them to get the recommendation for you.

I’m new I don’t have recommendations yet, what can I do?

No worries, to help you get started you can have 2 references from previous customers – simply add their contact details in the My Reviews section. We’ll give them a call to verify their recommendation and then publish it on your profile page.

What do you do with negative feedback?

Negative reviews are currently not shown on your profile page. However, we take them very seriously, any negative review is investigated by one of our Trust & Quality Team members. Action may be taken against any business who consistently receives complaints from consumers.

Can I change a recommendation someone has written about me?

All recommendations are reviewed and checked for credibility by the Trust & Quality team before they are published on our site. This helps to control any negative feedback and ensure it is dealt in a manner that does not cause unnecessary slander to a business.

If you feel that a recommendation on your page does not reflect positively on your business do not hesitate to contact our Trust & Quality team at or 1300 762 994  who are more than happy to review the recommendation with you.