Displaying Your Recommendations On Site

Your recommendations are now displaying on directory search results in hipages. With this new change I thought it would be important to remind you of the value of collecting recommendations, so you can make the most of this new feature now displaying on the website.


We collect hundreds of recommendations daily from consumers who are very happy with the businesses we have connected them with and want to share their experience.

We Collect your Recommendations For You

Say hello to the Feedback Team:

Recommendations team

This group of people are solely dedicated to following up with consumers to collect recommendations for your page. They call up consumers on behalf of you and ask them about their experience and whether they would recommend you to another.

All Recommendations Are Verified Before Being Published

Every recommendation that is posted on your profile is manually checked by one of the team.

The team also follow up with consumers to ensure that they left the recommendation and confirm that the job actually happened, sometimes we will even ask for an invoice to validate this.

It may seem a bit overkill but it is very important that our recommendations are valid so other consumers can trust the recommendations they read on hipages.com.au.

Negative Feedback Is Dealt With Offline

Negative feedback is not published onto your hipages page, but these are never ignored. Every piece of negative feedback is reviewed and followed up by the Compliance Team Β We do understand there are two sides to a story and the team aim to deal with the feedback on the day received to resolve the matter quickly.

This helps us ensure tradie quality and allows us to confirm or deny that any negative feedback is legitimate. This blog post better explains how the compliance team ensures tradie quality on hipages.

This Is How You Can Request A Recommendation

Your Recommendations Now Displaying On Directory Search Results

The new change on site now displays your most recent recommendations in the directory search results

People Hire Tradies Based On Trust

Based on the research conducted by our CMO Fraser, the majority of people hire a tradie through word of mouth on the basis of trust. Recommendations are the internet’s version of word of mouth. By displaying recommendations in the search results we are aim to create a level of trust with our consumers, who in turn find that trust in you as a tradie.

We Are Constantly Tweaking how We Display Recommendations

The displaying of these recommendations on your search results may not be a permanent fixture on site. Although there is research to validate this new site change, our product developers and engineers are constantly A/B testing aspects of the site in a continued effort to make it easier to use and navigate. If this feature was to be removed or changed in the future, it would be a result of new learnings, with the change being for the better.

Only Written Recommendations Will Show Up

Only the most recent written recommendation will be displayed in the search results. This means that if you have had someone click yes to recommend but not write up anything, this recommendation will not preview. Don’t worry, non-written recommendations are still counted in your total number of recommendations.

Your Recommendations Are Also Highlighted In Other Areas

Home page:


Accepted lead email:

Accepted lead email recommendation

So who would you like us to chase feedback from on behalf of yourself?