How many businesses get given the contact details for each job?

We get a lot of questions about how the hipages invitation process works and how many businesses we send to each person. So we thought we would pull them together. If you have any other questions please leave a comment and we will get them answered


How many businesses is each person connected with?

When a person posts a job through, we send them the contact details of the first 3 businesses who accept their lead.

Once this limit is reached, any other business who accepts a lead will be put on a waitlist.


What is ‘waitlisted’?

We then let the person know that there are more businesses interested in helping them. If they let us know they want to contact one of these business we will then connect them.


Why do I get waitlisted?

In really popular areas for some trades there are a lot of businesses who are invited at the same time. Even if you accept a lead straight away there might be 3 other businesses who have also accepted the lead straight away.

We are looking at a way to make this system better, while still being fair for all.


If a person gets connected with other businesses, someone might under-quote me. How do I make sure I convert them?

Some clients are always going to be looking for the cheapest price. However, the research we have done with hipages consumers has shown more than just price matters.

The number one factor in choosing which tradesperson they want to go ahead with is their professionalism.

Impress your clients by:

  • Calling them or sending a message through the hipages platform straight away when you get the lead.
  • Letting them know if anything changes, for example if you are running late for an appointment or if there will be a delay in getting something to them
  • Do what you say you are going to do, that means showing up at the time organised and contacting them when you say you are going to

I know you do this already, but you would be surprised at how the little things make a difference.


Do I get charged for the lead when I am waitlisted?

No, you will only be charged for the contact details you receive. That means until a person has told us they want to connect with you, you won’t be charged.


Can I be taken off the waitlist?

If you no longer want to be on the waitlist for a particular job, that is fine. Just email with the job ID and as long as the person hasn’t already requested your details we can remove you.