Meet Our Customer Success Team

We want to make sure you get the best result for your business out of hipages. With that in mind we’ve created a brand new team whose mission is to help you succeed.

Meet our Customer Success Team.

Customer Success Team

 Leslie Walsh, Michelle Martinkovits, Callum Sims, Emer Murphy, Grainne Ferris, Sam Holroyd, Ryan Lewis, Sasha De Melo and Joanna Anslow

These guys have been handpicked internally from our sales and service teams due to their broad and in-depth knowledge of anything and everything on hipages. This means they are in the best position to work with you to help your business get the most out of hipages.

So what do they do?

The Success Team have been aptly named as they are here to make sure your listing with hipages is a success. They will work with you on your campaign and account to ensure you are receiving a good return on investment and getting the most out of the products available.

Every business has different needs and the team are armed with vast product knowledge and experience to handle any questions specific to yours that you may have.

The team also work closely with the Engineering and Development Team to relay all of your feedback. This ensures we are offering the most innovative products to suit your business needs and connecting you with visitors to the site.

Let us know what you think

Tell us in the comments below how you feel knowing that there is now a dedicated team with a wealth of knowledge who are ready to help you with all your questions and queries?