What I learned about how hipages.com.au helped 1,000,000 people find a tradesperson

This week we processed our 1 millionth Get Quotes request! Having just started as community manager one month ago I was curious how we generated one million jobs within 2 and a half years of starting this service. I thought you might be curious too so created this blog post about what I found.

I found there are many teams that are responsible for this but thought the 4 main ones to highlight…

The “Search Engine Marketing” Team

The SEM team create and manage paid ads on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This includes paid ads that you see on the right of a search results page and display networks on 3rd party websites such as YouTube.

Our SEM team is made of Michael Walker and Kenny Tse.


Mike and Kenny work to manage bids on keywords, test ad copy and landing pages to make our pages as relevant as possible. They analyse keyword trends and themes and ‘bid’ on over 12 million keywords to keep hipages visible for the most important search terms.

The “Search Engine Optimization” Team

Adam Dominik is our Head of SEO.


He looks at what keywords work well and receive the most search volume. He then strategises and puts forward initiatives designed to improve rankings of hipages so that we come up in even more searches. He then works with our product managers and engineers to get these initiatives implemented.

I was blown away to learn that hipages has over 9 million pages indexed in Google, resulting in us appearing in over 22.9 million searches on google last month alone!

What’s the difference between SEM and SEO?

As similar as these two roles seem, their difference comes from the type of traffic they drive to the site. Organic (SEO) traffic vs. paid (SEM) traffic.

The Engineering Team

Each month we get over 1 million visitors to the site, and the first step in turning them into leads is keeping the website up and running. This is our Engineering team.


They talk about lots of things like site speed, cloud servers, amazon, css, php, app development which sometimes sounds like another language to me, but basically they are here to keep our website and all our apps working perfectly.

The Consumer Service Team

Each of the 1,000,000 jobs we have put through hipages is read by one of these guys. They are responsible for making sure the leads we send through to you are genuine, and with their in depth knowledge on all the hipages categories and subcategories they are able to provide you with only leads that are relevant to your trade. As well as this they are responsible for liaising with consumers and gaining their feedback. They are the face behind hipages and are there to ensure our customers had a great experience with the company and you.



So that’s some of what it takes to get to 1,000,000 jobs!

Let us know how you generate your jobs, or if you have an questions for any of our team, comment below.