Invitation to build IKEA’s new Kitchen showrooms

IKEA is set to launch a new kitchen range later this year and want to give you the chance to get paid to do the installation in-store.

The idea is that IKEA will pay a trades person/s current IKEA agreed rates to install 1, 2 or 3 of our display kitchens in each of the 5 existing stores in all markets Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane between the 5 weeks of implementation.

IKEA are looking to tap into’s trade network to fulfil this.

Stores and installation dates

  • Springvale Store install between 20th April – 22nd May
  • Richmond Store install between 20th April – 22nd May
  • Rhodes Store install between 20th April – 22nd May
  • Tempe Store install between 18th of May – 22nd of May
  • Logan Store install between 20th April – 22nd May

What are the benefits from being the first in market to install this range?

Not only will you get remunerated for the installation but you will learn how to install this new product for potential clients. There will be pre-installation training, installation guides and movies provided by IKEA. This is also an opportunity to be first in market to install the New Kitchen METOD prior to the market live selling.

A bit more about the new METOD range…

The METOD range is launching on the 1st of June 2015. FAKTUM items will still be available to purchase until the 31st May 2015 and there will be an after sales service to support the FAKTUM 25 year guarantee.

The current IKEA kitchen, FAKTUM, is a great kitchen with excellent quality and functionality at a low price for everyday life in the kitchen and will still be available to purchase until the 31st May 2015.

For the FAKTUM kitchen, there will be a 2-year after sales service* and the guarantee for FAKTUM is, of course, still valid. The latest information about IKEA’s products and services is always available at

Everyday life in the kitchen has changed over time and the new range, METOD, has been developed to facilitate all different activities that take place in today’s kitchen; from cooking and eating to socialising and supporting the children’s home work.

The new IKEA kitchen, METOD is based on a modular design that enables the creation of truly individual solutions, independently of needs and dreams, or shape and size of the kitchen area.’ trade network will continue to be used by IKEA customers to install the METOD range.