Important changes to the way some leads are invited

We have been listening to your feedback and it is clear that being waitlisted on jobs is frustrating. This is particularly apparent for certain categories where a high number of trades people claim jobs. In these categories it is sometimes possible to claim a job within a minute but still not be in the first 3 and therefore go on the wait list. Clearly this is a frustrating experience and one that we need to address.

We are therefore implementing a new way to invite businesses to minimise this and ensure that everyone gets a fair go at claiming lead invitations.

How Does it work?

Our system will limit the number of businesses that get invited to the average number we need to invite to connect 3 businesses for the customer. This means you are likely to see fewer invitations but the ones you do see you will have a much better chance of being able to successfully claim (without being put on a waitlist).

How will we decide who to invite?

There are 2 main things the system looks at to decide who to invite:

  1. How long since your last lead invitation: The system will look at the last time a business was invited to a job and give preference to those people that haven’t been invited for the longest period. This way we can ensure that everybody is getting ample opportunity to claim a lead.
  2. Are you on a value cap?: With a value cap you are committing to a monthly spend and in return get an amount of lead credits to claim. If you are on this product we factor in the amount of lead credits you have and ensure that you get more than enough lead invitations to claim your allocated lead credit. So for example someone on a $299 value cap will see more lead invitations than someone on a $69 cap.

Ensuring you see enough of your important leads

While this change may affect the number of leads invitations you see, since each lead invitation has less businesses invited you should still be able to claim the same amount of leads (well actually more because the number of leads we get is growing every week).  In case there is any issue with the amount or type of lead invitations you receive we have created a feedback form to allow you to give feedback straight to our product team

Important note: Everyone will now pay the same price per lead

To make this system fair everyone will get invited at the same price. This means that for those of you who are still on the old upfront negotiated price per lead will move to variable lead pricing. With variable lead pricing the price of a lead will vary depending on the category/sub-category it is posted in and the region the job is in. In most cases this will mean that you see cheaper lead prices on the majority of your leads.

Where do you see the cost of a lead?

In the app, it is under the lead details.


It will be in the top right of any email invitations we send you.


If you claim leads from your login area, it will be on the bottom left of every job.


It will be within the SMS details.


If you already see prices on all your leads then you are already on Variable Lead Pricing but if your leads say “PPL” then you will see that it now says a price for the categories that this has been rolled for. If you claim the lead you will be charged that amount on your next billing cycle. You can see more about how variable lead price is calculated in this previous blog. If the price says “PPL” then you will be charged the same amount you always have.

What categories does this effect?

This is being progressivly rolled out. You can see this blog for the list of categories and locations that this covers.

 Let us know if you have any questions?

If you have any questions or comments then we would love to hear them. You can comment on the blog below, email us at or give us a call on 1300 762 994.