hipages Payments are taking off

hipages Payments are taking off!

We talked to Bradley from McGrath Pest Management  who uses hipages Payments as his preferred way to get paid from hipages customers.

What was your experiences using hipages Payments?

It’s a lot easier when you’re on the go with this system. People like being able to select credit and debit, they get points on their cards, and it’s easier when managing a household budget.

People know us and trust us, but people are funny with card details, because it puts you at more risk writing those details down. They feel more comfortable with this system, and I’m all for outsourcing this, because it’s less of a headache for me.

Also, it’s good for my clients, because a lot of them aren’t residents in the properties we service, so it’s a lot easier using the payments system rather than sending emails back and forth. We simply send through the amount, there’s no paperwork and again, a lot of people have confidence in the hipages platform, so there’s more trust overall.

 How did you find out about hipages payments and what made you try it?

It came up as a notification from hipages. At the time we were looking at getting a credit card reader from a bank or paypal, as people are using cards more and more. The hassles of cheques and having to bank them makes it all too hard. A lot of people pay via direct electronic bank transfers too. So through those two choices, direct EFT and hipages payments, we’re giving clients flexibility.

Sometimes clients are trying to budget for a job, sometimes its emergency work and people don’t always have the money in the bank to pay for the job immediately, so they need to use credit. When a job needs to be done, it needs to be done – some clients might have live activity in the house or their roof could be about to cave in and simply can’t wait until pay day. We are good with our customers anyway, so if they let us know upfront, we can usually help them and come to an arrangement. With the payments system though, after we get a notification that the job’s been paid for, it’s usually in the bank account that night or the next morning.

You’ve used it multiple times already – what do you like about it?

Yeah it’s great, there’s no paperwork, you just press a button and it’s done. Customers know I give a warranty, they don’t need everything written down, and we all know what date it went through so we don’t have to spend time documenting everything by hand – it’s all electronic, the clients have a copy of it on their bank statement and it’s all receipted.

So what didn’t you like about your old payment system?

The paperwork  – there was so much paperwork to get paid.

 And hipages payments solved most these problems for you?


When do you usually request a payment?

While I’m with the customer, live online. We can do it while we’re there, or when we’re starting the job and the notification comes through that they’ve paid you, so it takes the mystery out of it all. It’s good for us too, because we know when we’re paid – there’s no having to check your bank account four days later every time you complete a job.

How do you make hipages payments work with your invoicing system? Did you need to change anything?

No, because it’s reconciled with the bank account it works easily into my system.

What would you say to someone who’s curious but hasn’t tried it yet?

Give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose – if it makes you get paid earlier and it’s easy to use, then what’s wrong with it? It’s just another string to your bow.

If you make it hard to get paid, then it’s hard to get paid, if you make it easy to get paid, then it’s very simple. It’s the KISS rule, keep it simple stupid. It’s a great system, I hope everyone uses it.


I hope you found this information useful. If you want to find out more about hipages payments, click here.