Wollongong Marketing Campaign

Last week, I hinted at something big in the the works, and this week, I get to tell you all about it…

We’ve launched an ad campaign

Last week we launched a major advertising campaign for hipages.com.au – as a test market in Wollongong, NSW. The message is that ‘we are the go-to for great tradespeople’.



Across Posters, Radio, Buses and Direct mail

The campaign features three of our Wollongong tradesman holding up their own profile board. They appear across:

  • large billboard posters
  • bus shelter posters
  • and full bus sides

We also have 30” radio spots running across both of the local radio stations

  • wave fm and i98 fm

And every home in the area (100,000) will also receive a direct mail pamphlet explaining our service.

Bus Shelters


Our Tradies are getting involved

Local tradies are also getting involved by sending in photos of themselves holding their own profile board. We’re uploading these to their profile pages and are looking to feature them on other parts of our site.

Tradies_163179 Tradies_134596
Tradies_130563 Tradies_43911_v2
Tradies_147401 Tradies_14831

It starts in Wollongong

In case you missed it,  Neelam’s blog post from last week talked about the research we’ve done – and the huge opportunity to make more people aware of our service and our brand. That research led to this marketing campaign. We already use online marketing to promote hipages, but we want to see how well people respond to off-line advertising.

Wollongong was chosen because: it has its own media channels (billboards, posters, and radio stations); it’s big enough to measure a response; and is representative of all Australia.

We want to roll out across Australia

This is a first test – and we’ll learn a lot. But our intention is to begin rolling out to other markets, and raise awareness of the hipages service across all of Australia – which hopefully means lots more jobs being posted, and more potential business for all of you, wherever you are.

Get involved…

I’d love to hear what you think about the campaign. And also – I want everyone beyond Wollongong to get involved. If we roll out the campaign – we’ll need tradies like you from other parts of the country for our advertising…so I’m thinking that we’ll soon be asking for selfies from everyone who would be interested!

In the meantime – you can send  us a photo of yourself holding up a piece of paper (an opened up newspaper will do) and we’ll add all your business info and upload it to your profile page. Send your photo (as high quality as you can) to blogshots@hipages.com.au