Behind The Scenes: The Service Team

I’m going to introduce to you your hipages Service Team. Together we can get to know how they are here to help you.

Who Are They:

A team standing over 17 strong! They are here to provide you with support to help grow your business for the long term. The team can help solve your queries and answer any of your questions on lead prices, category placings and your profile page among many other things.

service team

To find out a little more about what they do, I spoke to Donna Hole our Head of Service.

As Head of Service Donna’s aim for her team is to:

  • keep you as happy and as satisfied as possible by providing you with and maintaining a high level of service

  • ensure that you are getting a good return on your investment with hipages

  • ensure that you are only competing with other quality tradies.

You’re Having Issues With Leads

Whether it be lead pricing, invalid leads, confusion on how to accept leads or direction on how to best follow up a lead etc the service team are here to help.

Lead pricing:

The service team are here to answer any questions you may have relating to the prices of your leads. They are more than happy to explain the pricing system including how your lead prices have come to be issued at their specific rates, clarifying any confusions you may have.

Invalid leads:

Each invalid lead issue is determined on a case by case basis. After looking into the issue a decision on how to go forward is determined and enacted upon in real time.

Understanding ‘accepting a lead’:

If you are having difficulty completely grasping the concept of the pay per lead system the team are more than happy to discuss this with you. They can walk you through what it means to accept or decline a lead, how to determine whether you want a certain lead and what to do if you’ve accidentally accepted a lead instead of declining it, and any other possible area you feel you could do with more clarity on.

Want To Know What’s Happening With Your Account

Do you want to know what type of contract you are on, how long it’s been since you signed up with hipages, when your account is due for renewal or just need to make changes to your account details? The service team are able to answer and help you with all of these questions. Simple things such as changes to your email address, phone number, credit card details etc. are all handled by our service team. They can provide you with any and all information about your account. This can be via an enquiry sent through email or the message center, but is best done over the phone.

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

Who you gonna call? GHOST.. I mean, the service team. Yep, them again. When you’re having mobile issues, app issues, sign in issues, email issues such as your leads going into your spam folder, leads not coming through to your phone etc. the team are here to help resolve the problem. However, technical issues can not always be resolved in real time as some tech queries may have to be escalated and so the team need to wait for whatever was causing the issue to be fixed before they can help you further.

They Can Help You Grow Your Profile

Your profile on hipages is another area where the service team is here to help you grow. I went more in depth on the importance of building up your profile in my last blog post. The team can help you build your page with suggestions for images, your thumbnail and help you with your business description which is available through the unlimited graphic support which is included as part of your hipages subscription.

Just Need Some General Information

As well as having a wealth of knowledge to help you with all of your specific hipages enquiries, the service team can of course help you with any general questions or issues you may be experiencing. This can be as simple as calling up for a little more information on the history of hipages, how many tradies strong we are, how often do people post a job (every 42 seconds) or just answering your call, email or message through the message center to give you peace of mind that everything with your hipages account is going A OK.

Looking After You

The service team are constantly working hard to reply to all of your emails, phone calls and queries through the message center creating a platform of trust and integrity between themselves, yourself and hipages. Throughout your time with hipages you would have received phone calls just to touch base and ensure that you are happy with our service. We have someone who is here for you for the long term, to ensure that your business is constantly growing. If there is a better deal available to you the service team will give you a call updating you on this opportunity. This is where I see the major difference between hipages and other companies who provide a similar service – in the level of care taken by our service team to ensure and you are happy. With this in mind they are also sure to set you a realistic expectation in what is promised to you – it’s highly unlikely that you will win every lead you claim.

The service team only want to help you as a business grow and be successful, because as Alan, one of our Campaign Managers always says, “if it works for you it works for us”.

What do you find you need the most help with when it comes to your account with hipages?