Behind The Scenes: How hipages ensures their tradie network are all quality

Hello! It’s Neelam here again to take you behind the scenes with the Compliance Team who are in charge of ensuring that the hipages network is a cowboy free zone.

Who Are They?

Three lovely ladies; Gemma, Angela and Sam.

Angela | Gemma | Sam

What Do They Do?

Oversee licence compliance, conduct ABN checks, act as mediators in consumer and tradie complaints and/or disputes. Basically they want to make sure that our consumers are getting a good service and that our trades people are only competing against legitimate businesses.

ABN Checks

A business without an ABN is not permitted on site. If the ABN supplied does not match the business name the signup process is put on hold and the issue is referred to the Compliance Team. Either Gemma, Angela or Sam will look into the matter.

Licensing Checks

The team is also responsible for conducting licensing checks. Licensing requirements vary from state to state and is not necessary for every trade. Tradies will only be placed in a category if they hold the required licence for the jobs. If not correctly licensed the compliance team will place them under categories in which they are allowed to complete work or paused until correctly licensed. Other times the licence is under another person’s name, the compliance team will then speak to the contact and confirm that they have permission to ‘share’ the licensing.

Complaint Handling/Mediation

The team constantly monitor all feedback channels for any complaints.
All valid complaints are dealt with by the Compliance team on the day it is received. The ladies aim to have the matter resolved as soon as possible acting as a mediator between the consumer and tradie, if the matter is not able to be resolved in house it is then escalated to a third party such as Fair Trading.

Satisfaction and Contact Rates

Satisfaction and contact rates of a business is monitored through the Get Quotes form. This is important as hipages prides itself in the ability to match consumers with 3 quotes. If a business does not contact the consumer after accepting a lead, it reflects badly on hipages and also makes the consumer upset and unsatisfied with their service.

consumer feedback

Removing Dodgy Businesses

If a business is consistently receiving negative feedback, not completing their jobs, or are not turning up to their booked jobs they will be removed. We do not take it lightly as we understand that our leads fuel your business but after investigating the matter if the issues are valid we will remove the businesses.

And That’s the Team

The Compliance Team is so important in making sure you all are treated fairly and are in a team with fellow quality tradies. Was this information as interesting for you as it was for me? Have you had experiences of having to fix up jobs done by low quality tradespeople?

Do you have any stories of dodgy tradies who are undercutting the trade?