Behind The Scenes: How The Graphics Team Can Help Develop Your Page

Walking around the office and speaking to our sales and service teams, you wouldn’t believe how many times they tell me that businesses convert more leads when they have a developed page. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to take you behind the scenes with the Graphics Team to better understand how they can help you develop your hipages page.

Who Are They?

Kenny Todeski, Mario Sanchez, Georgina Waters and Charlotte McEvoy.


What Do They Do?

The Graphics team are here to make it easier for you to present your business in the best possible light.

When you first joined hipages, they would have looked at your own website and created a hipages profile using any images or text on this.

They are also here for any ongoing development of your pages. We get over 600 requests to update these pages each week! These updates can range from some small text changes, to uploading new photos, to complete revamps; and the Graphics team are here to make it all happen.

Main Areas To Develop on Your Page

  • Images

  • Thumbnail

  • Description

  • Recommendations

The Importance of Images and Creating Galleries

The saying is true, pictures speak a thousand words. When potential clients come onto your page and can see the work you have completed, they will be more likely to trust your skills. It also allows them to envision how their finished project could look.

Image tips from the team:

  • Quality over quantity is always better.

  • Take clean shots of your project – make sure there are no tools in the picture and no rubbish bins or trees etc. blocking the view of your finished job.

  • Lighting – Images that are too light or too dark can make that image seem unprofessional and make the subject hard to focus on.

  • Use actual images – this may be an obvious one, but try not to take a photo of a photo on a computer screen or on a table. Again this doesn’t reflect professionalism for your business.

  • Composition – ensure that the focus of your image is clear. Have it placed in the center of your shot, this way clients can easily and clearly identify what they are looking at.



The Value of Your Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail is the image that appears next to your business name in a search result and also appears at the top of your page when it’s opened. A thumbnail makes you stand out and also builds a level of trust with people looking at your business.

Thumbnail tips from the team:

A lot of businesses choose to have their logo here but we understand not everyone has one so here’s a couple of options for you:

  • A business card

  • Profile photo with your face

  • Custom created thumbnail by our Graphics Team

The Graphics team are more than happy to create a thumbnail  for you using your business name and preferred colour scheme. Just let us know two colours that you’d associate with your business, and they can create this for you. Don’t worry, there is no cost to this, it’s part of your subscription.



The Influence of Your Description

Kenny, Mario, Georgina and Charlotte cannot stress the importance of this content on your page – it’s pretty much the ‘About You’ section of Facebook but for your business. This is where clients will look to in order to gauge the personality, professionalism and experience your business has to offer.

The team are more than happy to copy and paste this information over from an existing website you might have. Alternatively you can send this through to the team in a word document and they can match the colours and font you have used.

Top description tips from the team:

  • Flaunt your experience and how long  you’ve been in the business

  • Highlight your licences and qualifications

  • A little about you as a tradie rather than a business

  • Quick overview of what projects your business can complete and what you specialise in.



Asking For Recommendations

I don’t think I need to tell you how recommendations can help anyone who lands on your page to book a job with you. It’s the internet’s version of word of mouth, so whenever you complete a job booked via hipages remind your clients to leave a review on your page. The more recommendations you have the more trustworthy your business looks and feels.



Let Us Know What You Want Changed On Your Page

Kenny, Mario, Georgina and Charlotte are here to help.  If your page needs updating including new images, updated information or a new or updated thumbnail you can email this through to

There is no charge for any of their services, it’s all included as part of your subscription.

Need Inspiration?

Here are some of the businesses who I think have done an amazing job at keeping their profile looking attractive to clients and up to date:

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What information do you think is most valuable on your page?