Behind the Scenes: Meet our Chief Marketing Officer

Hello! It’s time to introduce you to the man who is helping find more people to use our service to bring you more leads… Meet Fraser Taylor.

Our Chief Marketing Officer

Joining the company in June of last year. Fraser is focused on making a household name, taking hipages from 50,000 jobs a month to 500,000 jobs a month.

He brings with him years (see his grey hair) of invaluable experience and insights from his role as Head of Marketing at Kelloggs and Sara Lee.


Consumer research he has conducted so far

He conducted a research study to better understand what our consumers think and how they behave. This understanding allows us to  improve our product to create more quality leads for you.

Don’t worry, he didn’t forget about you – Fraser has also been interviewing some of our tradies to better understand what you need and want from our hipages service. As a direct outcome we’ve taken steps to reduce the number of low quality leads (tyre kickers) – like adding more questions to our form. Katie has written a great blog post explaining this further here.

It’s not always the cheapest quote that wins 

In the research Fraser conducted he wanted to know what consumers saw as important when hiring a tradie. You might find it surprising that it doesn’t always come down to the cheapest quote. The three most important reasons given were:

  1. Asking a fair price for the quality of work

  2. Being reliable and punctual – turning up on the time agreed upon

  3. Trust and quality – trusting the tradie to do a good job

There is no doubt in my mind that the majority of you tick every one of these boxes. Being aware of what’s important to your client means you will be able to chase your leads better and know how to leave a more positive impression with them. Not only will this get you repeat jobs, but it will also build up and improve your reputation as a quality tradie.

Based on our research learning, this is what customers expect in a tradie:


Broadening our marketing campaigns and reach

Did you know that consumers complete over 50 million jobs involving a tradie EACH YEAR! We’re working hard everyday on getting more of these jobs so we can bring you more leads.

Our previous blog post on SEO and SEM describes how our teams are constantly working to be the first option people see when searching for a tradie online.

Fraser’s research shows that the majority of people are currently unaware of our type of service, but when they saw hipages most people would use us. This shows there is a really big opportunity in reaching more people – but that means going beyond online. 

Fraser’s ambition to make a household name has some big things in the pipeline – the first steps on this journey has already begun with a test campaign in the works.

What is this exciting campaign?

I’ll let Fraser answer this one for you.

“Something’s just about to happen and I’d love to check in again next week and share more! Watch this space!”

What do you think it will be?

Until next time.